Monday, September 3, 2012


I just wanted to post a list of resources that have made a difference to me

in my life

  • for reducing chaos
  • for reducing perfectionism (iTunes)

    in my healing
  • for learning to deal with my imperfections and flaws
  • for continuing to have hope even when evil wins out in the short term (iTunes)
  • for remembering that God is good all the time—even when He lets bad things happen to us (Beth Moore study—see session 3) - This was a huge difficulty for me, because I really previously thought that if I just loved God enough and behaved good enough, then He would protect me and things would always go my way. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!
  • for seeing the good in the pain (iTunes) - Wait. Good in pain? Isn't that a contradiction?
  • for reminding me that I can be thankful IN all things even if I can't be thankful FOR all things
  • for helping me to have hope for salvation for our son, even though he was just an infant when he died
  • for helping me to consider that heaven really IS for real... and what it might be like

    in my marriage
  • for learning to see my husband as he is - my lover who needs my unconditional respect, as well as my love
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